The European Moment meets the Bundestag

This week, the Bundestag representation of the German Green Party invited us along to its event “Yes to Europe – the Courage to Change”. This statement is, of course, a perfect fit with the work we’re doing here at THE EUROPEAN MOMENT. We were over the moon to receive the invite, and had a great time discussing our ideas and the ways forward we see for the future of Europe.

Representing TEM were Katja and Lukas, who didn’t just introduce the campaign, but also made the most of the opportunity to get chatting to other Europeans. The panel discussion and discussion that followed only backed up what we have all been thinking: things can’t just “carry on” the way they are in European politics, and we were pleased to see that this message had reached the Bundestag.

The upcoming Dutch and French elections were main topics of conversation, as was the search for European answers to migration and tax avoidance. Interestingly enough, one of the key messages to carry forward from the event was that action taken at the European level should continue to be value-driven. We can only agree!

The event spurred us on to get even more involved and make sure that European values are at the forefront of everything we do. The work continues!

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