„Europe means living with an open mind.“

„It is our time to make the world a better place and we need to act now! The past elections in the Netherlands and Austria showed that the destructive forces turning against the achieved space of peace and solidarity are gaining momentum and it is our turn to prove them wrong! How? This question is up to answer for everyone individually. But, The European Moment is one way to make your voices heard.

Europe for me is solidarity! It means, helping each other out and bringing in new ideas. Now is the time to present initiatives. Say no to nationalism! Europe is more than just the common market. It is more than traveling with Easyjet from Lisbon to Helsinki, from Dublin to Athens for a weekend get-away. Europe means living with an open mind. It means, choosing the city you want to live in, the different cultures you want to explore, the cities you want to study at (for free, by the way).

So, take advantage of the many possibilities this 500 million people area has to offer. Go out there, meet new people and promote the good things and try to improve the things which could go better. Be critical, be creative and spread love.“

Jens Lewandowski, 24, from Malmö

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