„It’s time to fight back and stand up for a better Europe“

„The European Project has been constantly bashed by nationalists ever since it’s conception, now more so then ever. They choose to blame the EU for everything that is wrong, despite the fact that the EU has brought so much good to all it’s member states. The EU is not perfect, it saddens me to say so but it’s true. But we cannot continue to dismiss all the positive things it has brought us. The Erasmus programs, promoting solidarity and companionship between Europe’s young. Free movement of people, goods, services and capital all across the single market. A stronger bargaining positions when negotiating free trade agreements. A capacity to tackle environmental issues on a transnational level and to have a greater effect on world politics than any of the member states could do on it’s own. A lasting peace in a continent scarred by centuries of conflict. We have allowed the European Project to be slandered without reproach for far too long. It’s time to fight back and stand up for a better Europe.“

Starri Reynisson, 21. Reykjavík, Iceland.

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